About Us

CEUK is highly skilled in design, manufacture, assembly, testing and through-life support. We take our expertise in the use of energetic materials (explosives/propellants) to produce products using an imaginative combination of our mechanical and electronic expertise to meet customers demanding applications.

The use of such materials as the stored energy medium, ensures a highly efficient and effective reliable design with optimum performance in applications where weight and space are at a premium.

Products include rocket motors, rocket motor igniters, electro-explosive devices, solid propellant gas generators, power cartridges, military demolition detonators, military grade detonators and detonating cord.

Applications include: rocket propulsion systems, release mechanisms for airborne weapon systems, missile guidance systems, rocket motor and warhead safety & arming units, weapon break-up systems, military demolition and industrial safety systems.

In keeping with the company focus on safety, quality, reliability, performance and customer satisfaction, CEUK is registered to BS EN ISO 9001:2008, 14001 (Environmental) as well as maintaining it LPC and UL registration for commercial fire protection products.

With its strong in-house team of UK based scientists and engineers and a well proven network of approved quality suppliers, CEUK is well equipped to provide individual customers with tailored made solutions or to be a key partner in consortia bidding to win contracts for the development, qualification and production of future weapon systems.

As a UK based company with a diverse technology base, we are well placed to support offshore Prime Contractors in maximising their UK Industrial Participation content when bidding into the UK Ministry of Defence.