CEUK is highly skilled in the design and manufacture of products that use combinations of energetic materials to provide controlled high energy outputs from minimum space and weight configuration.

The CEUK product portfolio has traditionally comprised a wide range of energetic products and technologies developed in-house to meet demanding customer and programme requirements. More recently to assist key customers maintain their supply chain for critical energetic components in a consolidating industry CEUK has developed a strong core competence in the safe, cost effective introduction of third party products and technologies into its manufacturing capabilities.


CEUK's sister company, Chemring Nobel AS, is a major supplier of high explosives such as HMX, RDX, explosive compositions based on those and also energetic plasticizers such as Butyl-NENA as well as other more sophisticated explosives.

Their products are applied in main and precursor charges, boosters, demolition charges, gun and rocket propellants, shock-tubes, detonating cords and perforator charges for both commercial and defence markets. All their explosives are exported as bulk materials from Norway.

Chemring Nobel is a qualified supplier for a wide range of weapon systems, ammunition as well as for commercial systems in the oil and gas industry. US, German and NATO military specification requirements are used as reference for most of the products offered.

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